The mission of the “Together” Day Center for Children with Disabilities is to support children with disabilities, in a professional but warm and personal setting, to develop and reach their full potential.

The goal

The purpose of the Together center: preventing abandonment and supporting the development of children with disabilities through information campaigns, parental counseling services and early intervention services for children between 0-6 years old, with neuro-psycho-motor disabilities.
Behind each child is a lot of work both from the parents who fight for their children with various disabilities, and from the specialized staff of the center who make constant and sustained efforts for these children to make progress in all areas of development. Thus, we are happy for every child who managed to take a single unsupported step in the physical therapy room, began to timidly say “yes”, “no” or mother in the speech therapy room and to communicate more effectively with those around them, such as and every independent living skill implemented in the occupational therapy room.

What we offer

  • Early intervention therapeutic services for the recovery of children with disabilities;
  • Support and counseling for parents and families of children with disabilities;
  • Increasing awareness of the need for early intervention services in the community of Timișoara and its surroundings
The center offers the following services to beneficiaries:
  • Care services specific to a day care center
  • Phisical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory and cognitive stimulation.
  • Games for training independent living skills
  • Organization of socialization and recreation activities.