The angel trembled with joy. She had finally received her baby. This was the custom, each angel caring for one child. He had heard from those whose children were now on the same side of the clouds with them, with the angels, stories full of adventures and wonders. He also wanted to see the sky cry, to listen to the song of children’s laughter, to smell the flowers.

Gladly he spread his wings, flew down, passed through the thick blanket of clouds, and landed right next to the little one wrapped in the soft blanket. What a beauty! Immediately the angel’s wings wrapped the little miracle like a shield. ..

His child was different. It didn’t take long for the angel to see this. But it didn’t matter to him. It was just as beautiful, just as precious. Not for other people. Determined to protect him, the angel made a wall out of his wings. Bad words struck him like fiery arrows. The divine wings were not made for so much wickedness, so the angel learns what pain is. He closed his eyes tightly and patiently endured every burn. It hurt worse and worse. Growing louder.

Broken, with burnt wings, frightened by so much wickedness, the angel discovers how the sky weeps through his eyes.

The holidays are over, that time of year when angels, with or without wings, do good to the little ones, the big ones, the poor, the sick. The new year needs angels just as much. We invite you to find out the end of the story and, being an angel in your turn, to help, together with other angels, the Little Treasures to grow big.

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